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If your birthday is in SEPTEMBER, the year 2014 holds an underlying theme of introversion and introspection. It’s a time to go inward and reconsider your values, your philosophy and the deeper truths that your life is based upon.

This year is bringing before you key questions: how do you view your own competency in relating with others and achieving your aims? What behaviors are you acting out that are not to your advantage?

The year of 2014 is supporting your putting aside time to allow yourself to take a look “inside” to reevaluate and change the notions you are operating from.

You may not have been feeling as socially inclined as you usually do since your attention has been on discovering and developing yourself rather than your focusing on strong interactions with others. Throughout the year of 2014, people born in SEPTEMBER are learning the importance of changing themselves, to change their experiences in the world around them.

Although this theme is operative in the background for the group of everyone born this month, your own PERSONAL pathway in 2014 is determined by the numerological total derived from adding your birth month, day, and the current year.

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Jan’s Diary – PATIENCE

Patience has never been my strongest suit. However, since sooner or later we all must learn to embrace the finer virtues of character, Life periodically leads me into situations in which I am forced to experience patience – and thereby discover its secret value.

Most recently I seem to have come down with a bad case of the flu… but not an ordinary 2 or 3-day flu. This is a special strain of flu/cold/bronchitis that’s going around and takes a minimum of three weeks to travel through the system.

My first response to not feeling 100%, was to immediately go into “flu suppression” mode = taking homeopathic remedies, drinking orange juice and making up my mind I wasn’t going to get sick. I’m not sure if that postponed the onset, but I know for sure it didn’t prevent the flu from taking me over.

Three days into the flu I was telling my friends on the phone:  “I don’t feel better yet, but I’m sure that by tomorrow this will all be cured and I’ll wake up feeling much better.” And I kept making plans for the high activity that is my normal schedule and kept reassuring myself that the next day I would feel great and could get on with my life.

This lasted about one week until I realized:  “Wait a minute… this IS my life!” It’s still ME living it, whether the outward form is rushing around writing a newspaper column or simply sitting quietly experiencing myself having the flu.

I also recognized how much time and energy I spend in building for the future, rather than slowing myself down and enjoying moving about in the present.

My friend, Debra, also has the same flu. In speaking with her on the telephone I realized her attitude is completely different from mine… she tells me what remedies she’s taking, but basically is simply allowing the sickness to “run its course”.

She knows patience. If I allow this to simply “run its course”   (which it will do regardless of whether or not I try to interfere or rush things), then I can relax and allow the process to provide me with new insights.

I’m learning that the higher qualities of character all have a secret gift that is available only when we embrace that quality. The gift that comes from honesty is that you always know where you stand – the gift that comes from generosity is knowing that Life will always take care of you – and a gift that comes with developing patience is a greater enjoyment of life as it unfolds.

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FULL MOON REMINDER… Monday, September 8th, 9:38 pm – EDST

FULL MOON REMINDER…  Monday, September 8th, 9:38 pm – EDST, is the FULL MOON exact day and time in SEPTEMBER!  Don’t miss this chance to view your life objectively.  During the three days around the Full Moon, you can see where you need to make changes in an important relationship.  Once aware of your interaction, how can you best adjust your approach so that you can more successfully reach your life goals?  It’s time for reevaluation.

There is an opportunity for insight and progress inherent in the FULL MOON.  People often react emotionally during the days of the Full Moon due to a feeling of helplessness.  They become aware of the distance between the way they want their life to be, and the way it actually is.  Often, when they see this gap, they become upset.

The reflection from your environment shows you ‘what is’ – and this may be in stark contrast to the way you would like things to be.  A feeling of powerlessness can come from the awareness of the discrepancy between the way you would like things to be, and the way they actually are.  The empowerment is that once aware, you have the chance to change things successfully.

Because this FULL MOON occurs in the sign of PISCES, the emotional energy stirred in the atmosphere is quite psychic and perhaps even a bit fearful.  There is an over-sensitive awareness of how current circumstances may not be supporting your vision or private dream.

You will be very aware of the limitations in your life that bind you through perhaps taking on too much work and projects – leaving you exhausted and without the quiet time you need for recharging.  You may be questioning whether you want to continue with so many duties in a close relationship.  Those you are interacting with may be perceiving situations in a way that leads them to think they are not being cared about, leading to ploys for getting more attention.  As is often the case with the days of the Full Moon, people get upset.

This is a powerful time (9/7-9/10) for reevaluating the new beginnings you made during the most recent New Moon.  Re-read your wish list and notice how where you are now is either closer to – or further away from – the dreams in your heart that you would like to manifest in your life.

Given that this FULL MOON is in the sign of PISCES, you are likely to be more aware than usual of your own needs for alone time and creative daydreaming in directing your life.  What adjustments can you make in handling important relationships so that they become more supportive of your needs for alone time?

The Full Moon in PISCES opposes the Sun in Virgo.  What is likely to trigger emotional upset is a form of emotional free-floating anxiety.  People may become more defensive than you would have expected.  Simply bring them into the present moment by showing them the details of what is going on to calm them.

Times during this Full Moon when the emotional intensity will be at it’s strongest:

Sunday, 9/7 – all day and night, especially volatile 1:19 pm – 7:47 pm
Monday, 9/8 – all day and night
Tuesday, 9/9 – all day and night, especially volatile 3:09 pm – 7:33 pm
Wednesday, 9/10 – energy starts to calm

These times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDST) and need to be converted to your local time zone.  Keep in mind that if you are not observing Daylight Savings Time, subtract one hour, and then convert to your time zone.  The Moon Box on the Homepage of this site (upper right corner) will tell you how many hours difference your location is from the Eastern Time Zone in the US.

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ASTROLOGICAL EDGE . . . . . . September 2014

September is a great month to roll up your sleeves and tackle any projects on your to-do list that you’ve been procrastinating. The overall mood will be industrious and promotes focusing on the tasks at hand.  It’s an especially good time for detail-oriented work and clearing your home or office of clutter.  There will be an overall theme of “cleaning house,” on a physical and emotional level.  Partnerships will be emphasized and we are called upon to improve how we relate to others.  The practical mood in the atmosphere will be helpful for facing any problems head on and making a realistic plan of action.

 Jupiter closely trines Uranus all month (lasting to 10/6). The combination of these planets, in harmony, can result in strong feelings of optimism that help us to attract positive outcomes.  Both Jupiter and Uranus are in fire signs and will lend a lot of enthusiasm and energy to any new endeavors.  Creative ideas can flourish under this influence and are able to “catch fire” to suddenly become much bigger than originally planned.  Be prepared with a plan of action for your best-case scenario.  It’s a prime time for innovation and thinking outside of the box. 

On the 3rd, Mercury moves into Libra which can increase the exchange of social communications.  It’s a good month for diplomatic negotiations with romantic or business partners.  Those who have been looking for the right way to phrase delicate topics may find that the appropriate words come to mind more easily this month.  We’re likely to enjoy lively conversations and learn from differing points-of-view.  The overall flow of good will promotes striking happy compromises. 

Romantic notions may be brought down to Earth when Venus moves into Virgo on September 6th.  This practical energy is great for seeing your relationships and creative ideas through a more realistic lens.  While Venus was in Leo last month, it was easy to get carried away in the moment with little concern for the future.  Now we’re offered the chance to think about maintaining our loving relationships on a day-to-day basis.  Taking care of household chores or running errands can be a great way to show others how much you care.  We’ll also be supported in taking steps to actualize our creative visions.

Pluto goes direct on September 22nd (lasting to 4/17/15), which can bring our innermost fears into the light of day.  By facing our secrets and insecurities, we can become empowered to make essential changes especially when it comes to how we relate to the authority figures in our lives.  For the past six months while Pluto was in retrograde, our focus has been turned towards internal processes. 

Now that we’ve uncovered our inner truth, it’s time to integrate this into our lives and that might mean being honest with someone else about a difficult situation.  This transformative planet is here to help expose anything that is no longer serving us so that we can create . . . . . Read the Full Column!

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Every month on the day of the NEW MOON, the energy in the atmosphere opens to receive new seeds. For centuries, farmers have used the New Moon cycles for planting their crops. We can use this same potent energy for planting dreams and goals of what we want to manifest in our lives. To use a New Moon POWER DAY, simply write down a maximum of ten wishes you would like to see manifest in your life.

Because the New Moon in September will occur in the sign of LIBRA,  you may want to include wishes concerning one or more of the following categories which are ruled by Libra on your list: marriage, partnerships, diplomacy, fairness, awareness of others, cooperation, balance, peace, harmony, refinement and beauty.  

Sample wishes:
“I want to easily attract, recognize and begin a healthy, happy relationship with the right marriage partner for me”
“I want to easily find myself saying the right words to my spouse that create mutual respect, supportiveness, love and desire for fair play”
“I want all resistance to being a team player easily lifted from me”
“I want to easily find myself being aware of and respecting the individual identity of others”
“I want to easily find myself cooperating with others in a healthy, happy way”
“I want to speak with tact, leading to others wanting to cooperate with me”

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NEW MOON REMINDER… Monday, August 25, Virgo 10:13 am EDST

NEW MOON REMINDER… Monday, August 25, 10:13 am EDST, is the New Moon Power Day in August! Don’t miss this opportunity to make wishes for goals you’d like to reach and experiences you’d like to have. This particular New Moon is the most potent one of the year for wishes involving your job or health.

Because this New Moon is in the sign of VIRGO, it’s a powerful time for new starts in re-energizing positive relationships with your co-workers and bringing to completion any organizational tasks you may have been avoiding. Things you may have wanted to happen in your life for a long time can begin easily manifesting through using the boost of this service-oriented and practical New Moon!

For success, your wishes must be handwritten on paper and ten wishes maximum are allowed on each power day. The most potent time is the first 8 hours AFTER the exact time of the New Moon; within the first 48 hours will still work. The potency continues to exist for another twelve hours, but is weaker. For clear success, it’s best to avoid wishing during those hours when the Moon is Void of Course.

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These times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time and need to be converted to your local time zone. Keep in mind that if you are not observing Daylight Savings Time, subtract one hour, and then convert to your time zone. The Moon Box on the Homepage of this will tell you how many hours difference your location is from the Eastern Time Zone in the US.

Among other things, VIRGO rules the willingness to deal with details so that tangible success can be attained. It gives us the humility to take care of the little things, so that the larger aims for our life can be attained.

Your wishes can be about anything that is important to you to bring into your life. For more New Moon tips for August and suggested wording for wishes when the New Moon is in VIRGO,  login here and select the “New Moon Power Days” icon from the Membership Menu.

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