During the last part of October and the first three weeks of November, the SUN is traveling through the sign of SCORPIO. Scorpio rules that part of us that seeks a deep bond with a soul mate. It is the desire for uniting with another for the purpose of mutual empowerment and transformation into a greater world. A Soul Mate gives us parts of ourselves back that we may have been born without.

Such depth in relationships is generally formed with someone with whom we have an “instant recognition” upon first meeting them… a Soul with whom we had close interactions and many experiences in past lives. This poem is about the experience of again ‘meeting up’ with a person with whom there is an immediate and intense emotional connection.

Unable to come to terms with the irrational attachment I felt toward a boyfriend, I experienced a past life regression that resulted in the information in this poem. Seeing the ‘bigger picture’ helped set me free from an enmeshment I had felt previously powerless to resolve.

THE BOND written by Jan Spiller

A gypsy boy – in love with her – gave her a big chance
In that life he made of her a star for Spain to see
And that’s how you showed your depth of love for me.

You were my Lover – you were my Friend – you were my Killer in the end
And through it all a bond developed that now can never end
And there’s such caring deep inside, I couldn’t leave you if I tried
Too many roads together to ever say “good-bye.”

A peasant girl in the field, thought she met a friend
An older man from wealthy stock would stop by to talk
He took her in his carriage grand, raped her and she died
That’s how the pattern you fell into touched me in that life.

You’ve been my Lover, you’ve been my Friend – you were my Killer in the end
And through it all a bond developed that now can never end
And there’s such caring deep inside, I couldn’t leave you if I tried
Too many roads together to ever say “good-bye.”

A young widow poured all her love into the only child she raised
For fourteen years they built a bond as together they passed the days
Roman soldiers came and dragged him off to help them fight the war
In that life, your last words to me: “I’ll be back, Mother”…

You were my Family, you were my Friend – you were my Killer in the end
And through it all, a bond developed that now can never end
And there’s such caring deep inside, I couldn’t leave you if I tried
Too many roads together to ever say “good-bye.”

A girl in France pleads with her husband: “Please don’t go away”…
He tells her it’s his duty, the war has a righteous aim
The night before she had a vision – it would never be the same…
Three years later with injuries you came back to die in pain.

You were my Lover – you were my Friend – you were my Killer in the end
And through it all, a bond developed that now can never end
And there’s such caring deep inside, I couldn’t leave you if I tried
Too many roads together to ever say “good-bye.”

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These poems were originally song lyrics that gave me the practical advice I needed for successfully traveling on the spiritual path.  I did what the songs said and they – in combination with the objective knowledge of astrology and the help of Enlightened Teachers – have made me free.  I offer this poetry in the spirit of wanting to pass on the gift of these messages to you.

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If you were born with your SUN in SCORPIO, you enjoy looking at what’s beneath the surface when it comes to people and situations. You’re usually fascinated with researching hidden information and don’t settle for any explanation that seems like a “cover up.” You’re a great help to others who have trouble understanding their emotions or accepting the truth, but sometimes your probing nature can come across as too intense. It’s helpful to realize that others are likely to be receptive to your insights if your delivery is loving and non-judgmental. You’re a shrewd negotiator and won’t tolerate underhanded dealings. If you have to choose between compromising your principles and going it alone, you’ll choose the latter every time.

The year of 2014 promises to be a year to go after what you want! You’ll continue some of the work you may have started last year that has helped you to identify some of your true desires. You’ll be able to tap into a wealth of energy as long as you stay focused and get clear on what goals are the most meaningful to you. If you spent last year wondering which direction to go, this may be the year that your vision begins to take shape. With many parts of yourself on “overdrive,” be sure to . . . . .

To Maximize the Opportunities Available to You in 2014: Keep an open mind when it comes to opportunities that can help you to refocus your creative energy towards meaningful endeavors. Changing your life direction to match your inner desires can feel difficult at times. However, the process will be much easier when you . . . . .

Your Best Compass in 2014: As you become more comfortable with your own power, you will be able to trust your instincts and make decisions that feel more invigorating and on path. Knowing what you truly want will make it easier for you to trade what’s familiar and comfortable for situations that “light you up” creatively. Intimate relationships are . . . . .

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NEW MOON REMINDER… Thursday, October 23, Scorpio 5:57 pm EST

NEW MOON REMINDER… Thursday, October 23, 5:57 pm EST, is the New Moon Power Day in October! Because this New Moon combines with a Solar Eclipse, it is an especially potent window of opportunity for making wishes. Don’t miss this opportunity to make wishes for goals you’d like to reach and experiences you’d like to have. Mercury is retrograde, so take your time in compiling your wish list and check out how you ‘’feel’’ about the wish before deciding whether or not to keep it on the paper.

Because this New Moon is in the sign of SCORPIO, it’’s a powerful time for new beginnings in relationships that evoke your passion: perhaps with a sexual partner or a business partner. Things you may have wanted to happen in your life for a long time can begin easily manifesting through using the boost of this profound and potent New Moon.

For success, your wishes must be handwritten on paper and ten wishes maximum are allowed on each power day. The most potent time is the first 8 hours AFTER the exact time of the New Moon; within the first 48 hours will still work. The potency continues to exist for another twelve hours, but is weaker. For clear success, it’s best to avoid wishing during those hours when the Moon is Void of Course.

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Among other things, SCORPIO rules the passion necessary to propel us to a victory. The energy of SCORPIO is discipline and fixed on its goal, especially if that goal involves a relationship. The October NEW MOON combines with a SOLAR ECLIPSE, making it an especially powerful and auspicious time for making wishes.

Because the New Moon of October is in the sign of SCORPIO it is the most potent time of the year for wishing to increase your psychic or psychological abilities; the wisdom to see how to create a deeper bond with someone important to you; the insight to see how to resolve situations involving debt.

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THIS SOLAR ECLIPSE… October 23, 2014 (0° SCORPIO)

This Solar Eclipse will stimulate your desire to accept change and transformation in your life although part of you may be having a tough time releasing the comfort of the status quo. Change is in the air and the Scorpio Eclipse will teach us to embrace the responsibility we have to one another on this planet.

Over the next six months you will be learning the empowerment that comes from taking charge of yourself and being accountable for the consequences of your actions. You will be learning the value of taking responsibility for creating your own destiny without interfering with the destiny of others.

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse teaches that “what goes around, comes around.” Over the next six months you will begin to see the vulnerabilities of others – the “cracks” in their foundation that may be preventing them from operating at full power. You will be given the choice of whether to take advantage of their weakness or to help them grow stronger.

Stubbornness is a major issue over the next six months. Altercations can arise if you or those with whom you are in a close relationship close down and refuse to “budge” on important relationship questions. We will all be learning the importance of considering the . . . . .

* Notes on Eclipses:

If you have a natal planet within one degree of the degree of any eclipse, that area of your life is destined for awakening and transformation. A new cycle is scheduled to begin in the area of the planetary urge affected:

* SUN:  the way you express your creative gifts

* MOON:  your self-image

* MERCURY:  the way you perceive life

* VENUS:  your relationships, the way you express affection, what brings you pleasure

* MARS:  your initiative, your sex drive, and the way you assert yourself

* JUPITER:  the way you respond to good luck opportunities for expansion

* SATURN:  your sense of mission and purpose

* URANUS:  your desires for excitement and aliveness in your life

* NEPTUNE:  your idealism, fantasy and private dream

* PLUTO:  the way you use power and relate to the challenge of change and transformation

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