THIS SOLAR ECLIPSE… April 29, 2014 (8° TAURUS)

This Solar Eclipse will stimulate your desire to examine and define your values – what holds meaning for you. During the next six months we will all be learning the importance of establishing strong values and building a solid material foundation based on those values.

You will be learning to keep your sense of value even while there may be financial upheaval around you. There will be opportunities to strengthen your prosperity consciousness by focusing on an inner sense of security and abundance, and appreciating your own inherent worth. When you also appreciate the value of others and the value of the Earth, you feel even more prosperous.

This Eclipse will enhance your awareness of the experience of being in a physical body, and help develop a healthy relationship with the Earth. Paying attention to the needs of your body – discovering what feels pleasurable and comfortable to you – and then deliberately making time for these activities, is part of this process. You are also learning to increase your . . . . . 

* Notes on Eclipses:

If you have a natal planet within one degree of the degree of any eclipse, that area of your life is destined for awakening and transformation. A new cycle is scheduled to begin in the area of the planetary urge affected:

* SUN:  the way you express your creative gifts

* MOON:  your self-image

* MERCURY:  the way you perceive life

* VENUS:  your relationships, the way you express affection, what brings you pleasure

* MARS:  your initiative, your sex drive, and the way you assert yourself

* JUPITER:  the way you respond to good luck opportunities for expansion

* SATURN:  your sense of mission and purpose

* URANUS:  your desires for excitement and aliveness in your life

* NEPTUNE:  your idealism, fantasy and private dream

* PLUTO:  the way you use power and relate to the challenge of change and transformation

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During the last week of April and the first three weeks of May the SUN is traveling through the sign of TAURUS.  Taurus rules that part of us that has the perseverance to get through any obstacle.   We all have the sign of Taurus somewhere in our natal charts and can call upon that energy.

Whenever we have a goal, the challenge becomes going through the steps involved in getting from point A to point B.  Its a process.  From time to time, the idea of giving up may occur to us.  In those moments, it is the steadfast determination of the Taurus part of us that we can turn to for the unswerving tenacity to keep putting one foot in front of the other until . . . . . 

ONE LOOK BACK written by Jan Spiller

I don’t really want to do
My Neighbor any harm …
But before the Path, I didn’t see enough
To avoid doing harm.
As I walk on I can see more
Of the true Reality …
As I walk on I get more in touch
With the feeling of being free.

But sometimes it seems like I’ve got such a long ways to go
Sometimes I wonder if the Path, is worth the goal …
Sometimes it seems to me that it’s never going to end
But one look back and it’s straight ahead, on the Path again!
Walking fast again!

I look ahead and get a glimpse
Of the work that’s left to do …
Seems to me like 10,000 years
Of barriers, to break through.
I don’t know how much of me
Has died along the way -
But there’s so much left of the ego yet
From where I am, today.

And sometimes it seems like I’ve got such a long ways to go
Sometimes I wonder if the Path, is worth the goal …
Sometimes it seems to me that it’s never going to end
But one look back and it’s straight ahead, on the Path again!
Walking fast, again!

I wonder if . . . . .

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These poems were originally song lyrics that gave me the practical advice I needed for successfully traveling on the spiritual path.  I did what the songs said and they – in combination with the objective knowledge of astrology and the help of Enlightened Teachers – have made me free.  I offer this poetry in the spirit of wanting to pass on the gift of these messages to you.

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If you were born with your SUN in TAURUS, you have a deep connection to nature and are a down to earth person. You enjoy filling your senses with beautiful surroundings and delicious food. When making a plan, it’s easy for you to understand what practical matters need to be addressed. Your grounding energy draws others to you and your steady determination ensures that you almost always finish what you start. Because you have such a solid sense of yourself, it’s important for you to keep an open mind and accept that everyone has . . . . .

The year of 2014 promises to bring life lessons about your belief systems, relationships and long-term goals. You’ll have the chance to learn what commitments are important to you and how to best utilize your time and energy. Partnerships may be tested in order to bring about a deeper understanding. This year, you’ll likely put your life under scrutiny and make valuable self-discoveries. There will be a lot of energy urging you to . . . . .

To Maximize the Opportunities Available to You in 2014: 2014 will challenge you to reach for your dreams and push yourself beyond your current capabilities. This will require you to make a commitment and claim your personal power. A lot of your inner strength can be derived through a connection with whatever you consider to be a divine source. Setting aside alone time for introspection can help energize you for what’s likely to be a busy year ahead. Take advantage of  . . . . .

Your Best Compass in 2014: Be willing to take risks and move beyond your comfort zone. Taureans usually meet their goals through steady perseverance. While this attribute will be invaluable, you’re going to be asked to step up the pace and take a leap of faith. You won’t have to go it alone, as there will be a lot you can gain through partnership and collaboration. The early part of the year . . . . .

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NUMEROLOGY FORECAST for APRIL birthdays by Jan Spiller

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If your birthday is in APRIL, the year 2014 is offering an underlying opportunity for focusing and re-adjusting the way you approach your RELATIONSHIPS.

You may be changing your style of initiating with others, the way you express your independence in partnerships.  You are likely gaining a greater appreciation of how working with others can make your life easier and more fun.  You have the opportunity to learn about the power of tact and approaching people in a way that inspires them to work with you more harmoniously.

Your ideas about love have likely been shifting into placing a greater value upon harmony and teamwork. Throughout the year of 2014, people born in APRIL are learning to apply the higher ideals of love, fairness, and cooperation into their personal relationships.

Your own PERSONAL destiny in the year ahead is determined by the numerological total derived from adding your birth month, day and the current year. If you were born in APRIL, to discover tips for navigating your individual year ahead, click on your birth date in the calendar located in the upper left hand corner of the NUMEROLOGY page and you will see what this year holds for you.  Your changing personal destiny is not from January 1, but rather from your birth date in the current year, to your birthday in the next year.

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FULL MOON REMINDER… Tuesday, April 15th, 3:42 am – EDST

FULL MOON REMINDER… Tuesday, April 15th, 3:42 am – EDST, is the FULL MOON / LUNAR ECLIPSE exact day and time in APRIL! Don’t miss this chance to become aware of any underlying frustrations you feel in your relationships.

Because this FULL MOON combines with a LUNAR ECLIPSE, there’s confusion in the atmosphere—a feeling of uncertainty about how the future is unfolding. Therefore this Full Moon is even more potent than usual and you will feel pulled to live your life with a greater sense of authenticity and empowerment.

There is an opportunity for insight and progress inherent in the Full Moon. People often react emotionally during the days of the Full Moon due to a feeling of helplessness. They become aware of the distance between the way they want their life to be, and the way it currently is.

Often, when they see this gap, they become upset. The reflection from their environment shows them a realistic view of their relationships. The feeling of powerlessness comes from awareness of the discrepancy between the way you would like things to be, and the way they actually are. The empowerment is that once aware, you have the chance to change things successfully.

Because this FULL MOON occurs in the sign of LIBRA, you will be feeling a desire for harmony. You will become aware of any contradictions between the beauty and diplomacy you need in your life to feel emotionally balanced, versus any roughness in your environment that may be disrupting your inner balance. During the three days around this Full Moon, you can see where you need to make changes in an important relationship. Once aware of your interaction, how can you best adjust your approach so that you can more successfully experience the harmony and grace that you need to feel peaceful?

This is a powerful time (4/14 – 4/17) for reevaluating the new beginnings you made during the New Moon earlier this month. Re-read your wish list and notice how where you are now is either closer to – or further away from – the dreams in your heart that you would like to manifest in your life.

Given that this Full Moon is in the sign of LIBRA – opposing the Sun in ARIES – there will be a certain emotional restraint present. People will be feeling a desire to keep harmony above everything else. However, if their sense of ‘justice’ is disturbed, an angry response is definitely a possibility. There can be an impatience triggered if they feel you haven’t been ‘fair’ with them, even an outburst you didn’t expect. Should this occur, showing them how the situation has to be fair for everyone involved will help to calm the waters.

Times during this Full Moon when the emotional intensity will be at its strongest:

Monday, 4/14 – all day and night
Tuesday, 4/15 – all day and night, especially volatile 3:42 am – 12:20pm
Wednesday, 4/16 – all day and night
Thursday, 4/17 – energy begins to calm

These times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDST) and need to be converted to your local time zone. Keep in mind that if you are not observing Daylight Savings Time, subtract one hour, and then convert to your time zone. The Moon Box on the Homepage of this site (upper right corner) will tell you how many hours difference your location is from the Eastern Time Zone in the US.

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