People with lots of planets in Life Houses  (Houses 1, 5 and 9) are those who simply ENJOY their lives and the environment around them. These are the folks who awaken in the morning saying: ¨Another beautiful day on planet earth!¨ They are happy just to be alive.

They are motivated by the desire to EXPERIENCE life with all its passion, pleasure, adventure and self-discovery. They want to have fun and really LIVE their lives.

If you have a lot of planets in Life Houses, you need to regularly indulge in those activities that are fun and happy for you in order to activate your motivation for living and keep your energy high.


People with lots of planets in Material Houses (Houses 2, 6 and 10) are driven to achieve tangible results. Their motivation for living is tied to an innate desire to accumulate money or possessions, to be of service, or to achieve a specific goal.

If you don’t have a lot of planets in Material Houses, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be rich. It simply means that money for its own sake is not the primary motive for your actions.

For example, if a person has several planets in LIFE houses and none in MATERIAL houses, their MOTIVE for making money will be to allow themselves to experience being alive more exuberantly: buying ¨toys,¨ enjoying foreign travel, or achieving other material goals that will enhance their natural enjoyment of life.

If you have a lot of planets in the Material Houses, it’s vital for you to spend time throughout your life in producing tangible results that are important to you.


People with lots of planets in Relationship Houses (Houses 3, 7 and 11) are primarily motivated by the desire to be with others. These folks are inherently social and gain great pleasure from their personal interactions.

Their focus may be temporary interactions with a variety of different people, including time spent in the classroom and other educational experiences. Or they may most enjoy spending time relating in significant one-to-one relationships, or with friends and groups of like minded people.

They need social interaction to stay motivated, balanced and happy about being alive. They want to go out with others and experience life, since communicating with the other person helps them to gain the greater enjoyment of shared activities.

If these folks don’t consistently spend time interacting with others they can become depressed and begin to feel ¨disconnected,¨ so it’s important for their psychological health that they honor this part of themselves.


People with planets in Psychic Houses (Houses 4, 8 and 12) are primarily driven by a desire to uncover the hidden meanings of things. They want to know why things are as they are… to uncover the foundations of life that lead to personal security.

They yearn to understand the unspoken psychology of others, and to understand how the universe works in order to learn how to cooperate with larger, unseen forces. Unless they also have a lot of planets in Life Houses, they are not driven to live life for its own sake… it’s the mysteries that fascinate them.

They can be subject to mood swings and deep feelings. For best psychological health, they need to allow themselves plenty of time alone to decipher the inner meaning of what is going on around them.

They also need to balance this influence by consciously spending time in the area that is the second strongest motivational force for them, as indicated by their chart.

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