It’s almost embarrassing to be human.  No sooner is one character flaw spotted and being worked with, than another ‘glitch’ shows up.  It can be overwhelming.

Recently, I’ve been actively running the experiment of revealing my authentic self in the context of an intimate relationship.  Speaking of a challenge!

Terrifying.  Clearly, it may take quite a while for me to master this one- ie: to be this way naturally, without having to consciously be aware of it and seek to further this unfamiliar behavior until it becomes an instinctive habit.

This morning I was getting ready for my day when I heard my boyfriend pulling his car out of the garage.  I ‘assumed’ he was going off to work without saying good-bye to me.  So- now that I’m running the experiment of being more authentic, rather than withdraw, I went out to the porch and waived ‘good-bye’… perhaps not with the best energy behind the gesture.

He came back into the house: ‘I wasn’t leaving, I was just moving the car to put the trash out’.  Then he…

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