NUMEROLOGY FORECAST for OCTOBER birthdays by Jan Spiller

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If your birthday is in OCTOBER, the year 2011 is holding an underlying theme of hunger for new adventure!  There is a desire for variety this year and for learning in new areas that lead to personal growth.

An urge for movement has been stirred in 2011 and for learning a little about a lot of different areas.  Don’t be surprised if it’s more difficult than usual to “stay with” one thing when it becomes boring for you!

You are yearning for freedom and change this year and this urge may well bring you into connecting with new people and experiences that you previously hadn’t taken the time to explore.

Throughout the year of 2011, people born in OCTOBER are learning the value of freedom to gain new information that will lead to progress and wise decision making in the future.

Although this theme is operative in the background for the group of everyone born in OCTOBER, your own PERSONAL destiny in the year ahead is determined by the numerological total derived from adding your birth month, day and the current year.

If you were born in OCTOBER . . . . .

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