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TOPIC: Astrology For The Soul

FROM: Jack, San Mateo, CA


Dear Jan,

I read “Astrology for the Soul” some time ago and then re-read it again over the last couple of days. I was born May 31st 1944 which puts me in the Cancer North Node and again, I was absolutely amazed at how accurately it describes me. I’m currently planning some new business ventures and this has allowed me to focus on those that will nurture others rather than control others.

Unless I’m wrong however, your book indicates that all individuals who were born, no matter where in the world between the dates outlined, came from similar past lives and exhibit the same characteristics in this life. Certainly, many of my friends who were born in this time frame seem to exhibit a variety of different characteristics versus mine. It would seem to me that there would be greater randomness.


Dear Jack,

Absolutely there is a greater “randomness” in the expression of individuality than solely the North Node.

The North Node is not a planet, it is a mathematical calculation based on the axis relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth. Thus it delineates the underlying platform of balance/imbalance from which one is entering life.

The Planet Mars shows one’s style of initiation, Venus shows one’s taste and social graces, the Moon depicts the style of emotional expression of the individual. There are ten planets, in addition to asteroids, used in basic natal astrology. In actuality, a birth chart isn’t . . . . .

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