There is a mood of harmony in the atmosphere this month.  This combines with a few unexpected and exciting changes throughout the month that definitely keep it exciting!

Mars in Virgo continues to travel in retrograde motion.  As a result, even though there’s a part of you that feels ready to take action, you may encounter obstacles that stand in your way.  Plans can go a bit awry, and false starts can occur.  Since this energy combines with Saturn in Libra, also retrograding throughout the month, we’ll feel pulled to reevaluate how we interact with others, while at the same time obstacles stand in the way of taking direct action on these decisions.  Consequently, this is an excellent month to use the art of diplomacy to further your plans.

Through the opposition you may encounter when dealing with others (especially in the workplace), you can learn important lessons about how to change your way of interacting with people so that they will cooperate with you and support your initiatives.  As you find out what works during this period, you will gain effective tools for interacting with others that you can embrace and continue to use the rest of your life.

Retrograde Mars squares the nodal axis all month, tempting us to try to get more immediate results by outtalking the other person or using logic to get him to see our points of view.  One of the things we are all learning now is that timing is everything.  Just as farmers have to wait patiently for the seeds they planted in the spring to bear fruit in the fall, so, too, do we have to wait for the right time to take action and for that action to bring the desired results.

Resist the impulse to give in to anger or to use excessive force to get your way this month.  Instead, try to rise above difficult situations and see if your faith can provide intuitive guidance about how to reach your goal successfully.

Uranus in Aries sextiles/trines the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis all month.  This should provide a source of tremendous ease in being yourself and in allowing the . . . . .

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The NEW MOON of each month is a POWER DAY.  Universal timing supports wishes made on this day in coming to fruition.  However your wishes much be written down on paper in order to come true, and a maximum of 10 wishes are allowed.  On the Power Day of each New Moon, you may want to repeat goals that are especially close to your heart or that seem more difficult to manifest.

Because this month’s New Moon occurs in ARIES, you may want to include wishes concerning one or more of the following categories that are ruled by that sign: action, independence, taking initiative, courage, the positive fighting spirit, the warrior.  The New Moon in Aries each year is especially powerful for making new beginnings.

Sample wishes:
“I want to easily find myself going in independent directions that are constructive for me”
“I want to easily assert myself in a way that leads to others hearing me and wanting me to get my way”
“I want courage and positive initiative to enter into every area of my life”
“I want to easily find myself taking ACTION in making my dreams come true!”

For exact best times for wishing, go to four days prior to the New Moon.


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