If you were born with your SUN in ARIES, you thrive when you are taking action in pursuing activities you feel are worthwhile. You are physical and like to stay in motion, feeling the joy of discovering new aspects of life and yourself. You are self-motivated and your inner instincts are what you trust to lead you. There are no games with you- you are who you are. You have the gifts of courage and independence and seek challenges that call upon you to exercise those qualities. When obstructions arise, you have the innate courage to rise up and go through it!

The year of 2012: to be filled with a strong desire to make sweeping changes in your life! The status quo won’t be attractive to you, even if . . . . .

To maximize the opportunities available to you in 2012: 
You will be going through such deep, internal shifts in 2012 that you can’t expect yourself to understand exactly what is happening or to predict your own future. Your future will be a byproduct of all the changes you are currently going through, many of which . . . . .

Prior to September, your best compass in 2012 will be your own willingness to trust your inner knowing to guide you along right pathways. Your intuition is . . . . .

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