A feeling of impatience is likely to prevail this month. Although you may have gotten your finances in better order than they were at the beginning of the year, you may still have a ways to go. In addition, you may feel blocked from accomplishing tasks easily or will have to repeat them. After midmonth, though, the block lifts, and thereafter there is a wide window of opportunity for taking successful, creative action.

Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn all month. On the world level, this is going to mean unrest concerning current establishments and governments. There will be conflict between people who want more for themselves and those tyrannical establishments that operate only out of a concern for their own survival.

On a personal level, too, there will be an urge to rebel against the status quo. This means that you will want to be able to have more freedom in whatever arena is the main focus of your life. The urge for freedom can be expressed through a radical change of venue or simply through checking to see how you can be yourself more effectively in the context of your current environment.

With Uranus continuing its sextile/trine to the nodal axis, taking the big picture into consideration is essential. To understand why this is important, visualize a triangle. Let points A and B, upon which the base stands, represent the conflict between being yourself and the willingness to go along with the establishment. Now consider point C at the top of the triangle. This is the high point from which you can see the big picture – how the first two points are operating.

Through detachment and intuition then, you will more easily see how to reach a resolution that satisfies both sides of the equation and keeps the entire structure of which you are a part in balance. You will also be able to find the information you seek and will know how to navigate through your current environment in a way that creates more freedom to be yourself. A belief in positive outcomes is key.

As Saturn trines Neptune all month, you’ll be able to conceive a realistic plan for actualizing your heart’s dreams. This is a beautiful time of harmony and balance. You can glimpse ideas that promote manifesting your dreams in ways that are sound, practical, and realistic, and that contribute to stability . . . . .

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There are times to “go with the flow” and times to take charge. The NEW MOON each month is a POWER DAY, a time when energies will magically support your plans and bring your wishes easily to fruition. On a Power Day, the idea is to write down a maximum of ten wishes that you want to come true and then relax and watch life offer you the opportunities to bring them about.

Because this month’s New Moon occurs in the sign of TAURUS, you may want to include some wishes on your list concerning the following categories that are especially related to that sign: money, comfort, appreciation, sensual enjoyment, material possessions, loyalty, tenacity, stubbornness.

Sample wishes:
“I want all non-constructive stubbornness totally lifted from me”
“I want to receive lots of money in a happy way”
“I want all fears of poverty totally lifted from me”
“I want to successfully realize my goals by taking one step at a time, not rushing to the next step until the step in front of me has been completed”
“I want to easily find myself consciously, consistently appreciating the abundance of life and Mother Nature”

For exact best times for wishing, go to four days prior to the New Moon.



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