Sometimes we have to go back to clean up something in our past, to go forward and progress in life.

Recently, my romantic life came to an unexpected halt… AND, I felt no impetus or desire to get it going again.  I had been dating a boyfriend for about eight months and realized there just wasn’t enough energy in the relationship to make it worthwhile to continue. After I broke up, rather than being open to a new relationship I simply lost interest in the whole thing.  For me, not to be interested in romance is a first.  I had to take an honest look at what was going on on a deeper level.

What I realized was that the relationship I was in before the current one, hadn’t ended well. There were misunderstandings and hurt feelings and due to the way things ended- anger, blame and righteousness were allowed to arise… which I responded to by running away.  Every romantic liaison I’ve been in has resolved in friendship, but in this relationship it was not the case.

I knew it was not complete, that I hadn’t handled it well (as demonstrated by his reaction to the split).  I told my friends I wanted to go to counseling sessions with him to communicate with a third party present so we both could share what happened on our end and hear each other.  I had hoped through counseling could give each other an honest reflection, so we could grow, heal and both go to a higher level in our next relationships. The reality was that as long as the past wasn’t complete,  I was in no mood to go forward into my own future.

Recently, the universe brought me an opportunity to correct the past. He called about . . . . .

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