If you were born with your SUN in SAGITTARIUS, you have a basic faith in the goodness of life and positive outcomes. You have a sunny, happy disposition and a spontaneous, adventuresome approach to living your life. If someone along the road has a flat tire, your natural gallantry is likely to stop and see if you can help. Although you are doing this from the goodness of your heart, you also know there is a Higher Principle involved. You are aware that Life is always watching and nothing goes unrewarded- either good or ill.

The year of 2012 promises to be a year of feeling the confidence and the urge to become involved in life activities that increase your sense of excitement, fun, and enjoyment of life. While many of your friends may be going through a lot of change and upset in 2012, it promises to be a relatively easy period for you. Let the focus be on you this year and what you can do to begin using more of your creativity. You have a chance in 2012 to grow beyond old boundaries and have your life be a truer expression of yourself and your talents. If single, this can be year when a happy romance can . . . . .

To maximize the opportunities available to you in 2012: There can be some inner conflict between your desire to follow you heart and become involved in creative activities you enjoy, versus your values around money. Actually, this is a year when you will be lucky with work projects. By organizing your time more efficiently, you can add . . . . .

Your best compass in 2012  is following your own impulses to take action. When your inner instincts prompt you to move forward on something, if your intuition gives you the okay, take the initiative and begin to move in the new direction. At this stage of your life, your sense of  . . . . .

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