JAN’S Q & A: North Node in Retrograde

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FROM: Tim, Muldrow, Ok, USA

Hello Jan, I recently bought your book, Astrology for the Soul and the accuracy was amazing to say the least. I believe that you could start an entire astrology system just off of the nodes alone. I have a question about the nodes. My north node is in Aries and in the 8th house. south node is in Libra, also retrograde and in the 2nd house. My question is what does it mean when your north and south nodes are in retrograde? Thank you Tim

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for your email. I’m glad you have discovered and are enjoying Astrology For The Soul.

Actually, the nodes are more frequently going in a retrograde – rather than a direct – motion. Thus – unlike the planets – their basic motion is that of traveling “backwards” in the zodiac: from Aries, to Pisces, to Aquarius, etc.

In terms of meaning, any planetary body that is traveling in retrograde motion at the time of birth signifies the necessity for ‘recapitulation”, a time of resting to absorb and reflect on past events and integrate them into the being. Then fresh forward progress can be made, taking into account the lessons learned from the time of reflection.

When the nodes are retrograde, the awareness of lessons-to-be-learned from past lives is still close to the consciousness. Thus we are forced to turn inward to make internal shifts before being able to make real outer progress in the world.

A retrograde planetary body also indicates that due to past life habits and decisions, we have given up our life direction to an outer person or influence (the type of influence is generally shown by the house position of the South Node). For example, an army experience where our excuse for abuse was: “I was told to do it by my superior” in spite of our inner sense of ethical rightness. Thus we need to get back in touch with directing our lives from a position of our own deeper values, integrity and sense of personal ethics.

Retrograde nodes pulls us . . . . .

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  1. Posted November 17, 2012 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jan,

    i, too, still remember reading your book Astrology for the Soul . . when I came to Sydney 14 years ago!

    It was an eye-opener for this Gemini Sun in house 2 with Tausus north node . . . house 2 . .

    and i am happy to say . . I took note . . and focused . . and have built a collection . . .some at my website . . . books written . . and some on the way . . so thank you so very much for being one of my inspirations along the way!




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