MARS is RETROGRADE from March 1 to May 20, 2014

Attempts to launch a fresh phase of activity during Mars Retrograde will be met with outer resistance and obstacles. From a timing point of view, you may not have a smooth pathway in areas and projects in which you attempt to launch new beginnings.

People may resist going along with your plans at this time and coming into alignment with your leadership. This can manifest especially when it comes to partnerships of all kinds, collaborative projects, and artistic endeavors. Rather than have a smooth road, you will be faced with unexpected adjustments and repeats that will need to be made.

Because Mars is retrograding in the sign of LIBRA, this is an especially good time to re-evaluate the directions you have been initiating in your relationships. Sometimes we simply initiate activities based on habits that aren’t really in our best interests in the long run.

For example, if you are accustomed to repressing your own desires and automatically going along with what your partner wants, the habit is likely to keep you choosing in that direction – regardless of the negative consequences that may arise from that behavior. This is a chance to glimpse some potential new patterns of relating that you can initiate after May 20 when Mars turns direct. This cycle occurs only once every two years.

Best use of the Mars Retrograde cycle: The Soul lesson involved is that of prompting you to turn inward to see how you are beginning new activities with others. Others may not follow your style of leadership as promptly as usual. Thus you have an opportunity to . . . . .


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