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Why I Became an Astrologer

by Jan Spiller

I became a professional astrologer because people wouldn’t “leave me alone.”

Astrology was a hobby. By profession, I was a Singer-Songwriter and also worked in radio. People started bringing their charts to me. I’d take a look, feel compelled to tell them what I saw, and later they would re-appear, bringing a friend and the friend’s chart. More people came.

I didn’t want to read charts, I wanted them to listen to my music. Because I had no control over my compulsion to read their charts when confronted, to discourage their interrupting my professional life as a Singer, I started charging them. At first I didn’t charge enough, so MORE people came. When I saw that was happening, I raised my rates. They pulled back for a bit, and then more started coming and paying the new rate.

One night I was singing at a local coffee house and made $4.00 in tips. That’s when I realized that maybe Life wanted me to be an Astrologer. Perhaps the message I was destined to share with people was supposed to come through Astrology, rather than music.

Over the years, I started getting too many clients. I didn’t want to keep raising my rates, but I did want some free time for myself.

That’s when I decided to begin writing books. I thought that if people knew what I knew, they could help themselves. When I wrote Astrology For The Soul I truly thought my business doing private readings would stop, because I wrote the basis of what I was putting into private readings… into that book.

But that didn’t happen, more people called for readings from a wider geographical area. Also, once I released the basis of what I knew, more knowledge came in and I had new things to offer.

That’s when I learned that we can’t “give it away.” Nature cannot tolerate a void, and the more we give to others, the more comes back to us.


  1. Julie E. Chesnut
    Posted December 23, 2010 at 12:47 am | Permalink | Reply

    My oldest son passed away three years ago in feb., he was only 24yrs. old and my very best friend. What I’d like to know is , is he around me? And how can I tell when he is? I’m also sending you the peom that I wrote for him on the night he passed away. “MY FRIEND” Have you seen my friend? He passed away from me the other day. And I need him to help me find my way! You might him by “C=dawg”, or “George”, or even “Colt”. But to me his name is “MY SON’. If you see him you’ll know him right away, He’s the one with the twinkle of mischief in his dark brown eyes. The one’s that I’ll never forget, Because They’re the same dark brown eyes that look back at me from the mirror, filled with deep sorrow and hurt. If you see him,can you tell him for me…Hey, Hurry home your best friend is waiting for you, I think she said her name was… “YOUR MOM”! by julie chesnut 2007

  2. Aqualine
    Posted February 1, 2011 at 6:04 am | Permalink | Reply

    Dear Jan, thank you for sharing your story here as a beautiful analogy of how we need to look at the way our lives work. It’s exceptional (for me right now especially). When we notice we are not receiving the ‘love’ (money, attention) from what we think we ‘should’ be doing, to take notice of what ‘is’ bringing the love… to accept the change with gratitude and move on :)

    And how adaptable you have been to adjust… Glad you did, your books changed (and made me open up and become aware) of who I am in my life – for the better. With an avid interest in learning astrology as well.

    You are also so incredibly in-tune with the real astrological movements right now as well! Thanks for sharing your gifts Jan Spillar! Blessings to you.


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