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THIS SOLAR ECLIPSE… October 23, 2014 (0° SCORPIO)

This Solar Eclipse will stimulate your desire to accept change and transformation in your life although part of you may be having a tough time releasing the comfort of the status quo. Change is in the air and the Scorpio Eclipse will teach us to embrace the responsibility we have to one another on this […]

MOON WOBBLE – October 12, 2014 (felt between 10/5 – 10/18)

October 12, 2014 (felt between 10/5-10/18) Moon Wobbles stir emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because October’s Moon Wobble occurs in the sign of LIBRA, an irrational, emotional desire for co-dependency may emerge. Close one-on-one relationships can get stormy and issues of “fairness” may arise. Life is “fair” – maybe not in your immediate view of […]

MAXIMIZING MERCURY RETROGRADE, October 4 – October 25, 2014

From the point of view of the Earth, the planet Mercury appears to be going ‘backwards’. During the time period of this phenomena, we are all experiencing certain psychological effects in common: confusion, reversals of decision and then getting back on the “right track” again, indecision, unexpected, emotionally-charged miscommunications with others, and the necessity of […]

THIS LUNAR ECLIPSE… October 8, 2014 (15° ARIES)

October 8, 2014 (15° ARIES) The Lunar Eclipse occurring October 8 brings in a fast-moving pace necessitating quick shifts in your emotional body in order to use the opportunities presented. Benefit will come when you choose the path of independence and overcoming the fear of new beginnings. Being independent has a lot to do with […]

PRIOR TO THE TIME when MERCURY goes into retrograde October 4. . . . .

PRIOR TO THE TIME when MERCURY goes into retrograde motion on October 4, the opportunity is ripe for action! Mercury is retrograde from October 4  to October 25, 2014, so between now and October 4, your best use of the time is to take action on mundane tasks that have been on your mind. For example, […]


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